More day 1-2 Observations…

IMG_0446Moscato and Gracon during the Q/A session at the Pacific Cinemateque.  It was a little rough to have to sound coherent after 10 hours on a bike, and totally exhausted.  I think at this point we were debating the nuances of cycling spandex quality, and then something about the Buffalo Bills and capitalism.

IMG_0433Tuff Stuff from the Buff on the PC marquee.  A neat little sign plugging the event, in digital form.  We came up with the idea of handing out little hand-bills before each event via bike.  Lots of press in local weeklies, and it was fun to see posters of the event, and stills from Kelly Spivey’s film in front of the theatre, in poster form.

IMG_0466Hanging laundry at Amy’s house in Vancouver, BC.  Who is responsible for ironing the spandex?   Amy’s house in located near a park where the outline of the mountains can be seen in the distance.  Played some Frisbee in the park.  The houses in the area resemble those of Buffalo.  Big lumbering structures with angular rooftops.
IMG_0363This is Marc and I leaving from Portland.  Special thanks to Emma for her kindness and for bringing us to the What the Heck fest.  Yeah, we cheated a bit, and caught a ride to Anacortes, WA.


2 responses to “More day 1-2 Observations…

  1. bearded drifter

    are those pecks or bitchtits?

  2. Wow! It looks like you guys are having so much fun. You can thank your lucky stars you are not touring Western New York. It has been raining for days now…have a great time! meg

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