Updates from Port Townsend, Wa.

tuff stuff 136

Here is an image from the ferry from Victoria, BC to Port Townsend, WA.  Ferries are where we can get some relaxing time in, as we usually fall asleep the minute we sit down while riding them.  Something meditative about them…    That would be Olympic national forest in the background.   Last time Marc and I were here, we summoned an elk from the mountains.  No elk this time around.

tuff stuff 133

Picture post-card from Victoria, BC.  Victora seems like a cross between a small Toronto, and London, England.   Marc and I endulged in Canadian sweets at an awesome German bakery (amazing butter tarts!).  In our down time, we also eat  Crunchie  and Oh Henry bars, respectively.  

tuff stuff 124

Departing from the house of Ross and Marliana, who were kind enough to host us, and also did much work in terms of the screening at Open Space Gallery.  They even took us swimming before the show!  Totally nice and cool people!   If only I had my camera when Marc jumped off a small ledge into the water.  Imagine a newly born fawn diving for the first time.  Pretty funny.

tuff stuff 117

Remember that old Fugazi t-shirt with either Ian or Guy are in a similar pose while rocking out?  A dance party ensued after our screening at Open Space (a great idea, indeed!), and Marc attempted a head-spin at one point.  I drank about a dozen beers, and went into trance.   Some guy danced around naked, and some girl kept speaking to me in Spanish.   Can nerdy indie filmmakers rock out?  Yes we can. 

tuff stuff 060

Marc and I being interviewed in Nanaimo, BC.  Check out the link posted below to hear what we had to say…


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