End of the Tour Stuff (sorry it’s so late)

Hey folks, here are some final images from the bike tour.  It has been a while since the tour ended (although new dates are in the works for the WNY area, around X-Mas time).  After the tour ended, it was a bit weird not biking anymore, like some post-pardum bike separation or something.  Anyway, here are some images from 1. Olympia, Wa (where the Real Dream DVD had several encore performances), 2. The show in Chehalis, WA only had one paying audience member, who mistakenly thought he was attending an open mic. night, 3. (not sure why this shifted to italics, but don’t know how to change it). Entering Oregon, and rode over a bridge with so much tree bark on the shoulder of the road (from logging trucks), that biking monster truck tires were required, 4. Show at the Waypost in Portland had a strong Buffalo ex-pat contingent, and they were the most into the screening on the whole tour.  One women in the audience was in tears, as the images of Buffalo played on the screen.  5. David and Marc getting patriotic in Springfield, Oregon, 6. The lovely Julie outside the Ditch Projects in Springfield, Oregon.  The was the last show of the tour.  7. David and friends playing “stump” at Ditch Projects.


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