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no pain no gain

Photo 33


roundin the bend…

holy smokes, been at it 2 straight days, nearin the end

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Photo 30

…and now a word from pops

Photo 25

hello this is the grand canyon mind on this end.  Biking in the nwest is groovy.  I’ll see youse guys at the show.

from the desk of mom

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Sorry, I did not know the page numbers were to remain.  It is a great idea to get the word out about Buffalo to the west coast.  I am certain it will result in some relocations.  My hope is to bring this tour to the east coast.  I believe it would be very welcomed in the western New York area.

makin copies

Photo 21

Hanging out@ PNCA makin copies. Ran into some technical difficulties but am back on the road to zinedom. Sam Gould was overheard saying, “You’re right, it is difficult.”


Marc and I have just realized that this whole venture is sort of absurd.  Why a tour of Buffalo themed media in the Pac. Northwest?  Why???

where is perini?