Day 2: Bellingham to Vancouver


Had an enjoyable time hanging out @ What the Heck Fest. I had an installation of my film The More Things Stay the Same on a loop in a tent along with some books on anarchism and a couple of empty 40s. On Sunday, I participated in a panel discussion on running DIY spaces. Met some folks doing some interesting projects like the All Ages Movement Project.

After Heck, we beat it on up through the back roads through Edison and into Bellingham where, in true drifter fashion, we camped out by the railroad tracks overlooking the bay; it was an incredible sight. The next day we woke up early and, after some crazy miscalculation, busted ass biking for 10 hours in the dead of summer. We made it to Vancouver with about a half hour to spare before the screening.

The screening was great: a sparse turnout but enthusiastic audience. Special thanks to Amy Kazmerycheck and DIM Cinema. It was an honor to mark their one year anniversary of alternative programming.

On to a lecture tonight and tomorrow Nanaimo, where we are very excited about the bathtub races and famed Nanaimo bars.


David, Marc & Amy @ Pacific Cinematheque


tour starts today

Headed up to Anacortes today for what the heck. Gotta finish packin’!

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Read about Buffalo, media, activism & the show in this little zine/ booklet that comes with each DVD. Download as PDF.

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holy smokes, been at it 2 straight days, nearin the end

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