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Dispatch from Victoria


Outdoor Screening in Nanaimo, BC

Had a fan-tastic show in Nanaimo, where about 20 people congregated outside the community radio station to take in the show. Meanwhile, during the screening, we snuck away inside the station where we were interviewed on the People First radio show.

Hear clips from the show here and here.

Special thanks to Michael Carpenter for setting up the show, Kevin and People First radio and CHLY.

Other Nanaimo highlights included eating deep fried Nanaimo bars, seeing seals by the docks and an amazing mediterranean dinner at the Thirsty Camel.

The next day we headed south, trucking the backroads through some cute towns like Duncan “The City of Totem Poles” and Chemius “The City of Murals” and finally took the ferry on yonder to Brentwood Bay, where dinner found us eating PB & J and getting kicked out of park we had sent up camp at.

Finished the ride on down to Victoria today, went swimming with our hosts and taking a breather before the show gets rolling.