Buffalo We’re Looking Good!, WKBW
(1980s, video, 1 minute)
Her crown has been polished and she’s waiting for her coming out. America, welcome to Buffalo.

Johnson still
, Esther Johnson
(2004, video/ 16mm, 10 minutes)
A look at the past and present of one of Buffalo’s oldest hotels and the many stories contained within its weathered walls. A journey through a faded 1920s Art Deco interior, versus shabby retro Americana.

Fork 1
, Chris Ernst
(3.5 minutes, video/ 16mm, 2007)
Buffalo in the dead of winter provides the backdrop for an experimental meditation on the city and its physical spaces.

Conrad still
Oscular Pets
, Tony Conrad
(2003, video, 7 minutes)
A look directly into Mr. Conrad’s mouth, home to microscopic creature companions who have little control over their own fate.

Moscato still
Oh, Buffalo!, Marc Moscato
(2005, video, 3 minutes)
Valentine’s Day in Buffalo, NY: possibly the loneliest place in the world.

CAE still
Evidence, Critical Art Ensemble
(2004, video, 5 minutes)
In May 2004, Steven Kurtz called 911 to report the death of his wife by congenital heart failure. In order to create his art installations, Kurtz worked with biological equipment and had a small home lab. Buffalo police deemed these materials suspicious and notified the FBI, who detained Kurtz, while dozens of federal agents raided his home, seizing books, computers, manuscripts and art materials.

Henderson still
Main Attraction
, Paris Henderson
(2006, video, 5 minutes)
A document of graffiti art in Buffalo and its political implications. Produced as part of Portraits of Main Street, a program which pairs high school students with professional filmmakers in creating documentaries about the social history of the city.

Cuddy still
Transient Views of WNY
, Terry Cuddy
(2004, video, 5 minutes)
The history of fallen rustbelt industry told through poetry.

Spivey still
Poor White Trash Girl: Class Consciousness
, Kelly Spivey
(2002, super 8mm, 5 minutes)
A semi-autobiographical fictional animation, based on the life of a poor white girl who lives amidst Fisherprice Little People. In this episode, we observe poor white trash girl making sense of her middle class neighbor’s life and the jealous rage that results from the recognition of inequity.

ParkStill3 Big
Watch me break it down., Julie Perini
(2006, video, 1 minute)
A series of solitary, improvised dances in public locations proves any space can become a temporary disco.

Knowles still
, Meg Knowles
(2006, super 8mm/ video, 3 minutes)
A documentation of personal change and reflection on attentiveness in a difficult relationship.

The 12th Man
, David Gracon
(3 minutes, video, 2009)
A documentation of fan culture as Ralph Wilson considered a final deathblow to the city: the moving of the Buffalo Bills.

Gray Still
I Luved This City
, Stephanie Gray
(4 minutes, super 8mm, 2000)
A crush on a hard to get city. A valentine to its buildings melting in snow. Frozen hands trying to focus.  Soggy wet sneakers and socks persist through the rough terrain of this luved city. Hoity toity types enrage the author. Desperate attempts to perform magic, miracles, and walking on snow without sinking.

Citriniti still
, Gabriella Citriniti
(2006, video, 5 minutes)
What is a Main Street supposed to be? What does it mean to live on a Main Street that’s vacant? Looking past Buffalo’s economic struggles, we can see the true beauty of the city: the people who call it home. Produced as part of Squeaky Wheel’s Portraits of Main Street program.

Choose Your Own Adventure
, Real Dream Cabaret
(2005, video/ super 8mm, variable length)
An interactive video in the spirit of the classic 1980s children’s books, allowing the audience to craft its own story, rescue a damsel in distress or simply sleep the day away. But beware…around every corner, certain doom awaits.